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Past/Present Members

Are You a Branch on Our Family Tree?

Listed below are the names of more than 800 men and women elected to The Carpenters' Company over its nearly 300-year history. In addition to giving form to Philadelphia, they often founded families whose descendants trace their lineage to one or more members. If you believe you are related to a member of The Carpenters' Company, we want to hear from you. Perhaps our database on the membership can add to your family's genealogy. Perhaps you can help us with information. Please contact us and let us know.

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NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Charles B. Aaronson18761883
Joseph Leon Abriola, Jr.19882014 (Resigned)
Joseph Leon Abriola, Sr.19832013
John Adolph17961843
Samuel M. Albertson18681874
John Allen17711772
Robert Allison17731811
Walter Allison18531889
Karl Francis Almstead1994
Jacob Amos18331865
Peter Campbell Archer2001
Charles (Chip) P. Arena19942015
Peter F. Arfaa1990
Michael K. Armento2007
Richard Armift1790
James Armitage1807
George W. Ash18631895
William Ashton17701795 (Expelled)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Jacob Bachman18301862
Michael Baker18031852
Samuel Baker18101827
Samuel Baker, Jr.18021816
Mark Balderston18491889
John H. Ball1961
John K. Ball1986
Jacob Ballenger18151846
Wesley Ballenger18531859
Allen Bard18651882
John Barker17861789
Jacob Bartholomew18391865
Richard W. Bartholomew, FAIA, AICP1999
Theodore T. Bartley, Jr.1985 (Resigned)
Conrad Bartling17851838
George D. Batcheler, Jr.19742009
Frederick Baumert2000
Michael A. Beach2010
Gunning Bedford1802
Edwin Bender18741903
Michael B. Berardi2004
Richard A. Bernardini1999
Arthur A. Bernardon, AIA2008
Charles Meigs Betts18751904
John Brooks Betts18641931
Richard K. Betts18411890
William Cary Betts18421845
Owen Biddle18001806
Joseph S. Biles18901913
Joseph Bird18901933
Emily Bittenbender2010
Kevin Blackney2003
Charles Blain18121817
Paul Theodor Bockenhauer1986
Henry Bockius18411873
Wlliam Bockius18231848
Charles Louis Borie, III19461964 (Resigned)
Daniel E. Bosin2006
John A. Bower, Jr., FAIA1980
Andrew Boyd17851797
James Boyer17881823
William Boyer17701775
Oliver Bradin18691910
David C. Brandt2000
Robert P. Breading1981
E. (Ephraim) Fred Brecher1981
Melvin Brecher19712008
James F. Brecker, Jr.20002004 (Resigned)
John A. Bremner1987
James Bringhurst17631792
Harry Brocklehurst18931932
Charles Edward Broudy19952007
George Brown18531860
James Buckingham18671889
Levi Budd1791
Duncan Wray Buell20002004 (Resigned)
Edward S. Burrell1929 (Resigned)
Greg L. Butz2008
William Paul Buzby18911921
Samuel K. Bye18641886


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
James A. Campbell18321880
John B. Campbell1997
Abraham Carlile1778
Isaac Carlile17961815 (Expelled)
Charles C. Carman18901916
William C. Carman18921941
Jefferson Roy Carroll, Jr.19581990
Robert Carson1775
Thomas Carstairs18041830
Samuel Caruthers17711780
Robert Louis Cassway1986 (Resigned)
Adam A. Catanach18781915
John C. Catanach18871917
D. Hughes Cauffman1974
George Cavallo, P.E.20002014 (Resigned)
John Chamberlin18261868
Richard Chamberlin17961824
Wlliam Chamberlin18781889
George Chandlee18521865
William A. Christy19201938
Nicola A. Cinalli, P.E.2006
George L. Claflen, Jr., FAIA, LEED AP19982014 (Resigned)
Marc Clair, AIA2009
Benjamin Clark1743
James Clark18131841
Joseph Clark17861798
William Clark1758
James Clark, Jr.18351865
Aaron Clarke17941795 (Expelled)
Brendan P. Clearkin19671980
Joseph P. Clearkin1991
James J. Clearkin, III1986
James J. Clearkin, IV2013
James J. Clearkin, Jr.1967
James J. Clearkin, Sr.19641987
James X. Clemens1985
Leon Clemmer, Jr.1993
Leon Clemmer, Sr.19752013
Charles S. Close18701879
Harry C. Cluck19141942 (Expelled)
Isaac Coates1784 (Resigned)
William A. Cobb, Jr.1986
Mark A. Coggin2011
Charles Cohen19691970
Richard M. Cole, AIA, PE2012
William Coleman1728
Wiliam Coles18031854
Abraham Colladay17921851
Charles J. Colladay18231858
Jacob Colladay17921826
Jacob W. Colladay1836 (???)
Joseph S. Colladay18231827
Theodore Colladay18231862
Wiliam Colladay17691823
Jacob Comly17951825
Charles Conard18371876
Charles W. Cook1989
The Hon. Calvin Coolidge19241933
James Cooper18031816 (Expelled)
James M. Cooper18651870
John Cooper17851802
Joseph B. Cooper18661889
Gerald M. Cope, FAIA, RIBA19832012
Samuel Copeland18311860
Joseph Corbit18021816
James Corkrin17821823
Allen Dyer Cornell19291974
J. William Cornell19592012
Allen D. Cornell, Jr.19642014
John Whiting Cornell, Jr.19291985
John Whiting Cornell, Sr.19021926
Henry Lepner Coryell18201845
Anthony J. Costanza1975
Berchmans Paul A. Cotter19501974
Gerald Coveney2018
William J. Cover, Jr.19631971
Joseph Cowgill18001813
Ferdinand Cownover18381869 (Expelled)
John T. Cox17971813
J. Robertson Cox, AIA19872013
Patrick Craghead1782
James Craig17871798
David Cramer18641888
William H. Cramer18641904
Charles Carman Crescenzo, Jr.19912003 (Resigned)
Samuel Crothers1977
Matthew Crozier17921805 (Expelled)
John Crump18661892
Edward Cubberly18871898
Claudia Susana Cueto2012
Forest Daniel Cullen20022009 (Expelled)
Joseph Russell Cullen19521988
J. Russell Cullen, Jr.19672013 (Resigned)
William S. Cumby, Jr.1999
William S. Cumby, Sr.19992009
John Joseph Cummiskey1998
John Francis Curtis, Jr.1986


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Charles E. Dagit, Jr., FAIA1991
Henry C. Dahl19031945
Rudy E. D'Alessandro2009
Thomas William Daley2004
Scott Evan Dalinka2002
J. Morris Daniels19291939
Craig Allan Dare19812009 (Expelled)
John Darragh18221850
Howard Davies18831922
Mordecai Davies18741887
Nathan B. Davies18741882
Franklin B. Davis19181944
Gilbert Culp Davis19241991
Isaac Davis17941799 (Expelled)
Lee Alan Davis1993
Samson Davis18101815
Thomas Davis18681889
Thomas M. Davis18931918
James Davis Jr.1774
George Day18331883
Louis de Moll19772013
John DeFazio2016
Michael Delaney2016
James Joseph DeLuca19972013 (Expelled)
Mary Werner DeNadai, FAIA2017
Joseph Denegre18561873
John Derbyshire17991811
Thomas J. Dever2010
Charles W. Devitt18801918
Wlliam Devitt18651893
Robert Dick, PE2018
Jonathan Dillworth17861787 (Expelled)
William Dillworth1776
Daniel Dirscherl2012
Eugene D. DiSabatino1975 (Resigned)
Don Dissinger, AIA, RAIC2017
Frank Andrew D'Lauro, Jr.19792007
Aaron Doan18481885
Charles R. Doan18911919
George W. Doan18411900
John Donahue17851790 (Expelled)
Andrew Donaldson, Jr.19151939
John Joseph Donnelly1987
William R. Dougherty19021931
Constantine George Doukakis, P.E.1998
James B. Doyle18771896
John Doyle18731898
Edward C. Driscoll1970
John Duncan18691927
Joshua C. Duncan19021955
Gregory Dunkle2014
W. Wayne Dunlop2001
Edward Clifford Durell19161967
Richard B. Durell19821983
Edward Clifford Durell, III19792004 (Expelled)
Edward Clifford Durell, Jr.19461998
William Durfor18371883
Theodore (Ted) H. Dwyer, Jr.19982011 (Resigned)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Bradley Alden Earl19992008 (Resigned)
John Eaton18721875
Joseph Eberth18051831
Donald Howard Eddy19862012
Andrew Edge17701786
Lori Sullivan Ehret2012
James Lambert Ehret, P.E.2004
Nathan W. Ellis18571882
William H. Ellis18331862
Edward Huston Ellis, Jr.1973 (???)
John Embley18741889
John C. Emgable19131923
Silas Engles1804
Frank G. English19091940
John Henry English19532010
John W. English19241991
Frank G. English, III19551988
George Washington Ensinger18821895
Henry Erdman18171852
Charles G. Erickson1981 (Resigned)
Michael G. Erickson1999
James H. Errickson18651883
Michael Errickson18391868
Martin J. Eustace III2018
David Evans17691815 (Expelled)
Evan Evans17821786 (Expelled)
Jacob Evans17951803 (Expelled)
Joseph Evans17721792
Robert Evans17861809
Jonathan Evans, Jr.17871839 (Expelled)
Alexander Ewing19712016
William Eyre18511885


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Joseph Romulus Farrell, III19942009 (Resigned)
Joseph Romulus Farrell, Jr.19672011
Ebenezer Ferguson17861836
Joseph Few17751798
Joyce Claire Finley2005
Christine Fiori, PhD PE2016
Wilbur W. Fish19611988
Charles Henry Fleming19501958 (Resigned)
Charles Wood Fleming19572004 (Resigned)
John A. Fleming19582010
David H. Flickwir17961813
David Henry Flickwir18241881
Frederick Forepaugh18001811
George Forepaugh17741817
Isaac Forsyth18071820
Wiliam T. Forsyth18381876
James Fort18741882
Joseph Fox1779
Jacob Franks, Jr.18091828
Samuel Ellis Furman18671910
William Henry Furman18671877


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Peter Gabel17991849
John Frederick Gane19661988
Jacob R. Garber18861904
Edward Garrigues17931845 (Resigned)
William Garrigues17861831
John Garrison18781897
Michael David Garz, AIA2003
Gerard Anthony Gerardi19841999
John C. Gerbner2009
Nicholas Louis Gianopulos1976
Robert Q. Gibbon18831891
James Gibson17821809
James Cunningham Gibson, Jr.19822008 (Expelled)
John Gilder18111854
Harry Wilbur Gill19301986
Harry C. Gill, Jr.19061943
John Goodwin1775
Joseph Goveff18331873
Robert A. Govett18331868
William Govett17961852
Joseph Govett, Jr.17721795
James Graisbury1800
Harry Charles Grau19702012
David Gray18011824 (Expelled)
Alan Jay Greenberger, AIA2001
James R. Greeves18241870
Joseph Gridley1782
Isaac H. Griffith18161820
Wiliam Griffiths17861799 (Expelled)
Samuel Griscom1793
Tobias Griscom1751
Eugene Grossi, Jr., PE2016
Eugene J. Grossi, Sr.19992007
Robert A. Grove AIA2014
William B. Grubb18751918
Gene F. Guidi1989
Peter Thomas Guidi20002010 (Resigned)
Philip E. Guidi19952011 (Resigned)
William Robert Gustafson20002014 (Resigned)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
George Haas18331844
Christopher Hagar, PE LEED AP2018
David Hahn2012
Donald Stout Hain19792002
Abraham W. Haines18751891
Alexander Hall17861790 (Resigned)
James Hall18141846
John Hall17861798
Thomas E. Hall20082010 (Expelled)
John P. Hallahan19301956
Israel Hallowell17861790
Joseph M. Hancock18551901
William C. Hancock18311856
John Hanson2011
John Frederick Harbeson19461986
Paul Cret Harbeson19581998
George R. Harmstad18281863
Josiah Harper17631767
Samuel Young Harris19912013
John Harrison1760
John Harrison17851801
John Harrison17881801
Joseph Harrison1734
Wlliam Hause18111857
Fred A. Havens19081932
Herbert E. Havens19091934
Lewis Havens18831900
Dominique Hawkins AIA2016
John Fox Hayes2003
John Freeman Hayes, E.F.A.I.A1980
Robert Hays18511896
James V. Healy19882005 (Resigned)
Joseph W. Healy2010
Wesley Marvin Heilman1986 (???)
Jay E. Heim1997
Mark R. Heim2013
Robert Benjamin Hemphill19862001 (Resigned)
John Henmarsh1741
Michael Charles Henry, P.E., AIA1994
Maura Hesdon2017
Edward Clinton Hess19772003
Charles Hicks18151855
Matthew Hilbush, PE2015
William S. Hillsley19211941
John Hitchcock17631769
Joseph Hitchcock1760
Robert Gray Hoffer19701997
Neil P. Hoffmann1990
Charles W. Hollenbach2008
David Alan Hollenberg1990
William E. Holloway, AIA2013
Alvin Herbert Holm Jr.1987
Daniel M. Honig, PE2017
Philip Mulford Hooper19992004
Frederick Lyman Hoover19301982
Samuel K. Hopkins18661891
William Hopkins17961809 (Expelled)
John G. Hoskins18091833 (Resigned)
William J.H. Hough, Jr.19702009 (Resigned)
John How18001830
John Howell18141829
Zachariah Howell18351852
Joseph Howell Jr.17861798
Richard Wallace Hubbert20002010 (Expelled)
John R. Hudders18531862
Cynthia Alison Hudson1989
Robert Vincent Hudson19481981
Samuel Theodore Hudson19572006
Robert Scott Hudson, P.E.1986
William Richard Hughes, Jr.19501956
David Merton Hunt19451980
Henry Hurst18071831
James Hutchinson18221873
John Hutchinson17951836
Joseph Hutchinson18241882
Thomas Hutchinson18291882
Finley Hutton18761920


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
George Ingels17821827
Alphonso Cawson Ireland17991832
Nathaniel Irish1816
Harold E. Irwin1971
James Martin Irwin19892003 (Resigned)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Harry (Terry) A. Jacobs, III, AIA2007
Samuel Jervis17701802
Jonathan Johnson18331862
Samuel Johnson17931805 (Expelled)
James Johnston18901930
William W. Johnston19251946
William M. Johnstone1987 (Resigned)
Abraham Jones17701781
Arthur Woodruff Jones1991
Isaac Jones17861807
Jacob Jones18531901
John D. Jones18531884
Samuel Jones17861796
Don Jones, FAIA2015
Robert Jordan17921797
Edwin William Jorden1998
Phillip Justus18011861


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Lorraine M. Kay20072011 (Expelled)
Daniel J. Keating1974 (Resigned)
Daniel J. Keating III1986 (Resigned)
Thomas Smyth Keefer19221964
Thomas Smyth Keefer, Jr.19451989
Andrew Keen1785 (???)
John Keen17721832
Matthias Valentine Keen17861807
Theodore M. Keeney18671915
Daniel Osburn Kelley2001
Edward Kelley18481877
Philip Kellinger17921793
David S. Kelso19802011
William Kemp18781908
Jacob Kenderdine18181844
Donald R. Kerstetter1982
Charles A. Kessler19451974
George Kessler19031924
Charles Albert Kessler Jr.19521997
Benjamin Ketcham18651894
John Ketcham18461878
John K. Ketcham18781935
John S. Ketcham19241967
Mahlon Levis Ketcham18911904
Stephen Kieran, FAIA2016
Robert Annis Kilgore19752008
John Killgore18531879
John King17841805
Frazer Kinsley17821790
Daniel Knight17911838
Daniel R. Knight18291871
Robert T. Knight18331873
Levi Koder18721911
Matthew J. Koenig, AIA2007
Dan Peter Kopple1997
Edward Henry Kornfeld19701994
Michael Kyle Kowalchick19892009 (Expelled)
Philip Kramer18541898
William Krider17911815 (Expelled)
Robert John Kroener Jr.19751997
James Oleg Kruhly, FAIA19982012 (Expelled)
Mykhaylo Stephan Kulynych1998


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
William L. Labs19721989 (Resigned)
Robert Emerson Lamb19451959
Bradley Stevens Lambertsen20002008 (Resigned)
John Lancaster18111834
Moses Lancaster18111879
Thomas Lancaster17941858
John Francis Larkin1984
Eric W.B. Larsen2010
Gerhard J. Lauter19481973
William Harry Lawrence1970
John David Lawrence, Jr.1973
George R. Lawton18351859
Walter Regester Leach, Jr.19811983
Howard V. Lebold, AIA2007
Daniel Leech17941798
Isaac Lefever1779
S. Smith Leigh18331871
Joyce Lenhardt2011
James Leslie18371860
Robert Michael Levy19972005
Jacob Lewis1774
John Lewis18741878
George Linck18161861
John Lindsay18311863
James M. Linnard18171863
Wlliam Linnard17821834
H. Mather Lippincott, Jr., FAIA19692010
James Lirdel18121822
Henry Little18371858
J. Lindsay Little18831926
Thomas Little18661891
William R. Long, PE2015
Mark Emil Lorenzon19932005 (Expelled)
John Lort, Jr.17731794
Thomas C. Lott18591898
John J. Lotz19651990
William F. Lotz, III19812004 (Expelled)
William F. Lotz, Jr.19651980
George Ignatius Lovatt, Jr.19461973
William Lownes1809 (Expelled)
Benjamin Loxley1801
Reese Loyd1743
Mark Lunden, PE2016
Jacob Lybrand17961817
Joseph Lyndall18141829


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Robert T. MacIntosh, P.E.2008
Alfred Leonard MacMoran1958
J. Alex MacMoran19842014 (Resigned)
Cameron John Mactavish2001
Henry Jonas Magaziner19952012
Mark A. Magrino2010
Vincent Matthew Maiello2003
James Andrew Mann19702014
Jacob Mansfield17991803
Samuel R. Mardner18671906
George E. Marks, AIA2012
Thomas Marsh18611901
Thomas H. Marshall18831926
Benjamin Martin19762014
Briton Martin19601983
Sydney Errington Martin19461970
Putinas Vincas Masalaitis1985
Josiah Matlack17861802
Arlene Hutton Matzkin20002010 (Resigned)
Caleb Maule18171844
Susan A. Maxman19892013 (Expelled)
John McArthur18511883
Charles McAteer2014
Aran A. McCarthy, AIA2015
James McCartney18811911
Charles McCaul18881900
Samuel McClellan18881924
Francis McClister17861787 (Expelled)
John McClure18391880
Samuel McClure17741790
Daniel Kellogg McCoubrey2003
Paul J. McDonald2004
Wlliam McDowell17821790 (Expelled)
Terrence Paul McGeehan1994
Dennis J. McGinnis, III20002007 (Resigned)
James McGlathery18011817
Matthew McGlathery17701800
Charles McIntyre18521890
Bernard J. McKenna19241942 (Expelled)
Malcom McLeod17961841
Edward F. McMahon20022014 (Resigned)
Karen R. McManuels2014
Wiliam McMullin I17681770
Wiliam McMullin II18001814
Wiliam C. McPherson18721894
John S. McQuade19211947
John S. McQuade Jr.19451982
George H. Mendenhall19261946 (Expelled)
Edward Mentz18721889
William C. Mentz18851923
George G. Meyers18331888
Frederick C. Michaelson19121915
Thomas Middleton17701771
Benjamin Mifflin17701786
John Mifflin17711786
John Mifflin17601798
Edward T. Miller18621887
Michael James Mills, FAIA19942011 (Resigned)
John D. Milner1981
John Adam Miskey18351882
Benjamin Mitchell17861817
James Mitchell18091851
Ehrman B. Mitchell Jr.19802005
Bethuel A. Moore18291851
J. Louis Moore18551889
Joseph Moore18341861
William Moore17841790 (Expelled)
Robert Morrell17861806
Joseph Morris17921847
Jon E. Morrison, PE2009
Richard Mosley17861800 (Expelled)
Roger W. Moss2003
Charles C. Muller18671894
Edward Mulock17941801
Jacob Myers18831918
John W. Myers19021924
Wiliam H. Myers19021937
Wiliam Henry Myers1975 (Resigned)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Anthony Naccarato2011
Peter Anthony Naccarato20012006 (Resigned)
Thomas Willoughby Nason, II2001
Walton H. Nason, Jr.19601996
Charles P. Nesbitt18961902
Thomas Nevell1797
Jacob Nice17961818
John Nicholas1756
Harry C. Nichols18881912
Joseph John Normile19752004
Thomas Joseph Normile, PE19942011 (Resigned)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Michael O'Brien2014
Lester August Obst19701997
John O'Donnel18801910
William Francis O'Donnell, III1999
John Melchior Ogden18161882
Joseph Ogilby17731809
William Waldemar Olmstead19682003
Samuel Olshin2007
John O'Neill18091835
Presley B. O'Neill18361894
Robert O'Neill18201874
Artis Thomas Ore1991


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
William Palmer18001815
William C. Palmer18391847
Joshua Pancoast17631769
Samuel Pancoast17861834
David E. Panichi2001
John Parham18121866
Robert M. Parsky1991 (Resigned)
Benjamin Paschall17921801
Patrick S. Pasquariello, III1995
Samuel Pastorius17861798 (Expelled)
Thomas B. Patterson18391865
David Paul17941852
Michael J. Paul20042013 (Resigned)
Samuel Paul17941845
William P. Paxson18161899
George F. Payne18881908
Davis Pearson1976
James Pearson1813
Michael Kenneth Pennington1979
Heyward Myers Pepper19621981
George W. Pepper, Jr.19461949
Isaac Perkins17981808
Evan Peters17631779
Charles E. Peterson19692004
Norman Rush Peterson19161960
Robert Morris Peterson19071937
Henry Phillippi18541901
Thomas Pickands18041811
Francis Anthony Pietrini1996
John Piles17861790
Peter A. Piven1987
Charles J. W. Plaft19131940
George Plim Jr.1775
Hugh Carmin Pody20052009 (Resigned)
Hobart Dodd Pollard, Jr.19742010
James Portues1737
James Potter1809
Stephen Walter Pouppirt1999
Samuel Powel1815
Samuel Powell1756
Wiliam Powell17931824
Ellis Price1766
Jacob S. Price18441884
John Price1739
Lawrence Price17631768
Thomas Procter17721806
Alex Louis Pronzato19862001 (Resigned)
Albert Harris Prossack19702009


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
F. Neale Quenzel19942006 (Resigned)
Thomas Aloysius Quigley1999


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Lawrence Edward Radomski1995
Philip Francis Radomski1995
Thomas E. Radomski19812002
William Joseph Radomski1995
Frank Victor Radomski, III1984
Frank Victor Radomski, Jr.19701989
A. Raymond Raff Jr.19301973
A. Raymond Raft18931947
Eric M. Rahe1999
Samuel Rain18471886
Joseph Rakestraw1750
Joseph Rakestraw17631794
William Rakestraw17631772
Joseph Rakestraw, Jr.17841791
Robert Lester Raley1980
Alexander Ramsey18131822
Joseph Randall18271856
William Randolph18141837
Uriah Howell Rea18861909
Jacob Reary1782
Albert A. Reeves18881908
Henry Reeves18881910
Horace Albert Reeves19491968
Stacy Reeves18691903
Robert N. Reeves, Jr.1988
Robert Paul Reid19702009
Jacob Reinhard18041835
John Reinhard17861816
Donald B. Reynolds19842008
Chades Rhoads17941810
Joseph Rhoads1784
Samuel Rhoads1784
William Rianhard18021803
John Rice18391880
Alexander T. Richards18811896
Samuel R. Richards18771896
Samuel R. Riley18861905
Walter Samuel Riley, Jr.1969
George Ritchie, Jr.19121933
John A. Riter18751902
Franklin Spencer Roach19661987
Hugh Roberts17861790
Jonathan Roberts17981832
Seth R. Roberts18241834
William Roberts1808
Samuel Robinson18011807
William Robinson1808
Mark Rodes17851830
Henry Shantz Rogers19682002
Collins B. Rogers Jr.19251952
Jerry Roller, AIA2016
Howard Dehner Rosengarten19471991
John Rowen18031820
Charles A. Rubicam18441873
Jonathan Rubincam18521866
John G. Ruff18881926
John Rugan17851836
Frederick T. Rush19271940
Joseph Rush17631787
Stephen P. Rush18691895
Stephen Rush Jr.18761877
Harry Bradbury Rust19271972
Harry R. Rust19151923
John Rutkowski19832001


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Craig J. Sabatino2008
Matthias Sadler17811798
Anthony John Samango Jr.1987
Anthony John Samango, III2005
John Sands18031845
William J. Santora, Sr.2009
Thomas Savery17861818
Gregory Sawka2014
Peter M. Saylor1984
Robert K. Scarborough1971 (Resigned)
Rachel S. Schade2015
Charles Henry Schaefer19842015
George C. Schmidt19812009
George Walter Schmidt2000
Cloyde A. Schuler19211924
Charles Henry Schwertner19501960
Richard W. Schwertner19582007
Denise Scott Brown1994
Thomas M. Seeds Jr.19131916
George Senneff18231872
Michael Shaffer18341870
Stephen J. Shanahan2000
Richard Sharp18681875
Robert Vincent Shelly19652014
Robert Mitchell Shiles1998
Chades M. Shoemaker18511863
Joseph (Jay) H. Shoemaker1996
Raymond Matthew Shoemaker19521989
Samuel Shoemaker19101950
Thomas Shoemaker17691799
Wlliam A. Shoemaker19661992
Thompson Shourds18771905
Isaac Shunk18231855
Henry Shuster18371889
Thomas F. Shuster18501893
Thomas F. Shuster, Jr.18771916
J. William Siebenson19691977
J. William Siebenson, II19842010 (Expelled)
Andrew Anthony Signore2002
Joseph Simes18101846
Samuel Simes17941795
Rachel Simmons Schade, AIA2014
George L. Sipps18931916
Dr. George Christos Skarmeas, AIA2001
Frederick William Slack, III1987
Daniel Smith18281865
Edward Smith1834 (???)
John D. Smith17791804
Joseph Smith18281843
Nathan Allen Smith17861824
Ralph H. Smith18071842
Robert Smith1777
Kevin M. Smith, AIA2012
John D. Smith, Jr.17961820 (Resigned)
Edward Knight Snow18541874
George Snowden17911815 (Expelled)
John Sproul17941794
Paul Theodore Steege1999
Alexander Steel17911818
James G. Steel18501871
John S. Steel18821884
Andrew Lyle Steele19121965
Donald Montgomery Steele19391984
John Lyle Steele19031948
John Stewart Steele19391973
Joseph Middleton Steele18931957
Wlliam Steele, III19391973 (Resigned)
John Stewart Steele, Jr.19521979 (Resigned)
Harvey Irwin Steinberg2002
Michael A. Stepnowski1989
George Sterr, Sr.18361869
William John Stevens19221955
Comelius Stevenson18091860
William Stevenson Sr.17861817
Gregory Charles Stewart2004
James Stewart18331856
James Stewart17941813
Levi B. Stokes18511893
Joseph Strahan18101834
James Bennett Straw1990
Finnix Stretcher18021846
Robert W. Strode18711900
Frank (Mack) M. Stulb2012
James Hubert Sullivan19932013 (Resigned)
George Summers17951823
John Sunderland18731898
Thomas T. Sunderland18921912
Arne E. Swenson19611987
Edward Szwarc2016


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Martin J. Tackett2014
Edward J. Tannebaum, AIA2006
John D. Taylor18351871
Walter F. Thaete19751986
Elisha Thomas17961810
Jacob Thomas18341855
Moses Thomas17721780
John Porter Thompson19161933
Mark B. Thompson2004
Robert G. Thompson, AIA20012009 (Resigned)
John C. Thomson18081829
John Thornhill1784
Joseph Thornhill1797
Joseph Thornhill, Jr.17831791
Benjamin Thornton17921797
James Timberlake, FAIA2016
John P. A. Todd19972009 (Expelled)
Thomas Abbott Todd1982 (Resigned)
Samuel Tolbert17861790
Ebenezer Tomlinson1767
Thomas Alfred Trafford19271962
Thomas C. Trafford19141933
Nancy Rogo Trainer2006
Thomas K. Tresse18351843
Cornelius Trimmel18031841
John Trip17701805
Edward Turner18311852
Thomas Reed Turner19942009 (Resigned)
Henry Chandlee Turner, Jr.19451973 (Resigned)
Joseph Archer Turner, Jr.19632008


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Mark Ueland1985 (Resigned)
James Unkefer2011
Ralph Thomas Unkefer, Jr.1966
Jacob Usher1738


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Charles R. Vail, Jr.1977 (Resigned)
Joseph B. Van Kirk18741901
Clarke Van Sant1987
Robert Charles Venturi1994
Herman Voigt19111922
Daniela Holt Voith2001
Kelly French Vresilovic2016


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
William Wagner18091865
Brenton G. Wallace Jr.1966 (Resigned)
Samuel Wallis17701798
Henry D. Walls18781898
Edgar M. Wambold19471959
Franklin M. Wambold19551987
Fon S. Wang20112015 (Resigned)
Thomas Newton Ward Jr.19722002 (Resigned)
Thomas Newton Ward, III19962005 (Expelled)
Charles Forbes Ward, Jr.19691984
Richard Ware18101820 (Expelled)
William Edward Wark Jr.19581974
Edward Warner1754
John Warner18091843
William Warwick AIA2016
George Watson18731912
George J. Watson18851934
Edward (Ted) H. Watson, Jr.20082013 (Resigned)
John Wayne1765
Samuel Wayne17931809 (Expelled)
Samuel Webb18171857 (Resigned)
William Weer18331857
Paul Weidorn, PE, SE2016
Raymond L. Weinmann1983 (???)
James William Weir18111856
Joseph Wetherill17861820
Peter Weyant18231858
James J. White, IV2002
Barclay White, Jr.19582012
Alfred Whitehead19021916
George Morris Whiteside19131933
Arthur H. Williams18801890
Craig T. Williams2010
Frank M. Williams18851919
John Williams18391889
William Williams17731794
Arthur H. Williams Jr.18851933
Henry B. Williamson18541857
Jesse Williamson18341850
Jesse Williamson17981852
Samuel Williamson18341875
George Policastro Willman19942010
Joseph C. Wills18361860
Alexander Wilson18131823 (Expelled)
J. Sims Wilson18851911
John Wilson17881793
William F. Wilson18491853
George Thomas Wilson, AIA, LEED®, AP2001
Alexander Wilson, Jr.19021943
Edward C. Wintz19321976 (Resigned)
Frank I. Wintz19101954
Joseph A. Wintz19281994
Frank I. Wintz, Jr.19281981
Lee Philip Wolfe1997
George Wood17701818
James Woods18341881
Todd Woodward2009
Edmund Woolley Jr.1771
Ezekiel Worrell1781
James Worrell1797
Joseph Worrell17881841
Graham S. Wyatt, AIA2012


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
Ernest Rhoads Yamall19241954
Hibberd Yamall18661882
Richard A. Yarnall20032014
Milton W. Young19131942 (Expelled)


NameYear ElectedYear Died(or as noted)
William Zane17861805 (Expelled)
Isaac Zane, Sr.1794
Adam Zantzinger17721798
Clarence Clark Zantzinger Jr.19591993
Joseph P. Zebley18091821
Louis Zecca20032010 (Expelled)
Jacob Zigler18231848
Jacob Zigler17941822